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Class actions have many advantages over conventional lawsuits. One such advantage is that class actions allow individual consumers to create strength in numbers and fight against corporate injustices. A class action can ensure that large business entities or organizations are held accountable for their wrongdoing.

Class actions allow consumers who are victimized by unfair business practices or defective products to file a claim as a group when, individually, they would not have otherwise been able to do so. Another very important advantage of a class action suit is that they place fewer obligations on class members than do conventional lawsuits. Class actions are also cost effective. They serve to increase judicial efficiency because they allow several plaintiffs who have been wronged by a common source to unite under one case.

Class actions run on contingency fees. This means that your lawyers receive a portion of any settlement awarded. Class members are not required to make any payments. The more your lawyers win for you, the more they get paid. It's in their best interest to gain the best settlement possible.